A bunch o’ nerds

A bunch o’ nerds

We are dedicated fans and passionate marketing experts.

We are dedicated fans and passionate marketing experts.

this is us


We really couldn’t be more excited to reward the passion of true fans while pushing awesome brands. Together with a team of 15 people we are giving brands the tools to make marketing authentic and effective again.

Florian Eckelmann

Florian Eckelmann Co-Founder & CEO

Founded hypd (formerly Ticketrunner) for selfish reasons to collect as many well designed exclusive rewards as possible.

Siamak Ghofrani

Siamak Ghofrani Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate marketing geek that chooses increasing reach and sales over a Street Fighter II match any time.

Farooq Haider

Farooq Haider Co-Founder & CTO

He’s in love with the co-co-de; and hyped to promote his favorite cricket team.

In 2011 we birthed a concept called NEONSPLASH Paint-Party® that sent us on a wonderful journey covering our guests in liquid neon paint to the sound of high quality Electronic Dance Music. Over the next 4 years we played 250 shows in the finest venues in over 60 cities across Europe including an Ibiza Residency Privilege. This is where we experienced the power of word of mouth first hand which we managed to automate at scale with Hypd.

Let’s team up with your Fans and do awesome stuff!

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