Hypd Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

Newbies and seasoned ambassadors, you shall find the answers to your questions here ?

? What do I have to do as an Ambassador?

As a true fan you are already doing most of the things that make you a great Ambassador. Joining an Ambassador Programm on Hypd you will create and share content on your social media profiles or recommend products to your friends. We call those tasks actions and for every successfully performed one you receive points that you can exchange for exclusive rewards.

? How can I join an Ambassador Program?

There are two ways for you to join an Ambassador Program.

  1. Sign up
    Create an account on Hypd.co and apply to support your favorite Brand from within the Hypd dashboard. This however is only possible if the Ambassador Program is listed publicly.
  2. Get invited
    As a dedicated fan, your favorite brand will surely invite you to join their Ambassador Program on Hypd. If they are not using Hypd yet, you can simply tell them about us so they can easily start their ambassador program and invite you.
? How can I find Ambassador Programs on Hypd?

In your Hypd dashboard, go to campaigns or open the URL https://www.hypd.co/campaigns/. There you’ll find a list of all publicly listed ambassador programs. If you cant find what you’re looking for there it might be that your favorite brand is not using Hypd yet. Just send them a DM or email and tell them about Hypd.co so they can start their Ambassador Program and invite you right away. 
? You can also use the Invite Event button in the Ticketrunner Dashboard on the Campaigns page.

? Do I have to be an Influencer to join Hypd?

No. The only requirement is that you are truly passionate and dedicated about your favorite brand. Quality over quantity is our motto ✌️

? What can I do if I can’t find my favorite brand on Hypd?

If you can’t find your favorite brand within the campaigns section in the Hypd dashboard, you can email or DM them and ask whether they already have an Ambassador Program on Hypd that is invite only or tell them about it so they can quickly set it up. You can also use the Invite Brand button in the Hypd Dashboard on the Campaigns page.

? How do I get into contact with other ambassadors or the brand owner?

The easiest way is to join the Facebook and WhatsApp group of the ambassador program. This way, you are always up to date on the latest news and you can directly get into contact with your Ambassador Community manager, the brand or the other ambassadors. 

? Are there any chances to graduate to a higher level than an ambassador?

Not yet but we are working on it ?All your efforts will be accounted for tho. So no worries – whatever you do now will not be lost.

? How do I get rewards?

For every successfully performed action you earn points that you can then exchange for rewards in your Hypd dashboard. Depending on the type of reward, they will either be sent to you as an email, via post or you’ll receive more detailed instructions on where to pick them up.

? What kind of rewards are mostly available?

There are 3 kinds of rewards you can redeem: Discounts, Products and Experiences. Depending on the Ambassador Program you are in this could range from free tickets over limited edition merchandise to backstage access or an exclusive meet and greet. ?


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